Ground Game Tengu Grijs Vale Tudo Shorts


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Tengu - live far from human surroundings. They spend their time meditating and self-improvement. Possess strong psyche, power and wisdom. Can be wild and unpredictable which can make them even more dangerous. Some of them show readiness to help those who deserve it.

Double layered thermoactive material combined with unique design make a top quality product. Panels are arranged in a comfortable compression pattern that stays firmly in place while you train, aided by the wide elastic waistband. Held together securely with flatlock seams.


  • Top quality elastic, thermoactive and anti-pilling material that ensures hygiene.
  • Double material layer keeps you warm and is non-transparent so there is no need to put another layer of underwear.
  • Specially designed to feel like second skin
  • Sublimated printings that will last forever
  • Excellent design

  • Polyester 92%
  • Elastane 8%

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